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Moxie Arts at The Tank NYC


Or maybe it's not so bad...


Chaos at 26! Or maybe it's not so bad... is a one-woman exploration of the things we keep boxed away, the boxes we're put in by society, and boxes we check to achieve our dreams. Written and performed by Kyla P. Sylvers, the show uses music and flashback to illuminate her winding journey to owning her identity as a Black woman and an artist in a world which isn't always friendly to either.


Chaos at 26 premiered at The Tank NYC in 2021 as part of Moxie Arts fifth season. Directed by Emilia Lirman, with a creative team including Sarah Samonte as stage manager, Kailey B. Hays-Lenihan as set and props designer, K. A. Rudolph as lighting designer, and Sasha Mahalia Hawkins as sound designer. K. Hernandez Friend  and Madelyn Paquette as executive producer.

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